L-I: Ganashakti Online One Year! Seek Your Feedback

partha at SPAMganashakti.co.in partha at SPAMganashakti.co.in
Sun Dec 26 01:16:11 MST 1999

Dear Reader,

Ganashakti Online News Magazine completed one year in service this 16th
November. Many many thanks for making the site a success. We take this
opportunity to reach back to you and know how 'Ganashakti' has been
performing and how we can improve upon. We would like to know what you feel
about its---
Design       Content        Frequency of Publication        Timeliness

And what you feel that can be done to improve the site, to serve you better.

We would also like to know something about you too, you can fill this simple
readership-survey at http://www.ganashakti.com/user.htm

Thanking You Again
Ganashakti Online
Calcutta / India
26th December 1999

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