Balloon...? (to Michael)

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Sun Dec 26 02:53:53 MST 1999

Michael Perelman

Hello, Michael

I promised you further information about Seppo Ruotsalainen´s study.  Must
wait  for the university library to be opened.

In the meantime...

There was a news in the leading Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat:

According to the invest bank Salomon Smith Barney the market value of
stocks was on Wednesday 30.18 billion dollars. IMF has counted the amount
of total production in the world to be 30.10 billion dollars.

In this figures there is rather a little difference but it may be some kind
of a symptom what is going on.

This is not  the same matter we are referring to,  but it may have some
signifigance. The balloon will be filled up anyway and it may blow up...

With friendly regards.
In solidarity.

And... Happy New Year!



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