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Gheb and friends wrote:

:For a return to animist and astronomical festivals, so a belated
:Winter Solstice and perihelion, and best wishes for the next El
Nino - sorry
:Californian friends, because we know it rains then, but we need
:Addis group

>From what I remember of the climatology of the Horn of Africa, I
understand that the Addis friends 'need the next El Niño' and
that they do not worry too much as to the fate of our Californian
friends (at last, these enjoy the securities offered by a First
World state).

But they forget that El Niño is a phenomenon that originates in
the Southern Pacific, and that it is a curse for South Americans
(and, but on this please Asiatic friends enlarge, for Indonesians
Some of the consequences of El Niño in South America are:
Equatorian and Peruvian fishermen find no catches, all countries
to the South of Peru suffer from heavy floods and unexpectedly
high rainfall as well as from terrible droughts, harvests are
lost or severely reduced (even in the lush Pampas), houses are
washed down the hillsides (in Peru and, eventually, even in
Brazil), or drowned by rising level of the large rivers (in
Northeastern Argentina) grazing land is swamped (as in the
Pantanal, where swamping takes terrifying and completely
unexpected dimensions), underfit and underserviced sewer systems
in large cities are overrun by anomalous rainstorms (as in my own
dear Buenos Aires), and so on.

It is indicative of the strength of international news agencies
that our comrades in Addis did not know this, and thought of
California instead. So that let me add my two cents of knowledge:

It is not a matter of chance that the phenomenon was christened
by the Equatorian fishermen ('El Niño' refers to physical
phenomena that take place off the Pacific coast of Ecuador and
Northern Peru by the  time of The Child, that is Xmas.) Their
life, litterally, depended (and to a large extend, still depends)
on this climatic anomaly that capitalism has only reinforced and
worsened. We should keep this in mind when thinking of El Niño,
and not only the serious (but honestly much less dramatic as to
social consequences) rainstorms in California.

I wish our Ethiopian friends a good rainy season, but please not
at the cost of sitll another untimely -and fueled by
capitalist-generated ecological disarray- Niño.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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