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Michael Pugliese debsian at
Fri Dec 24 13:46:25 MST 1999

Lou wrote:
>I should mention by the way that Scott >McLemee, an old friend of mine who
I broke >with after he became a Swedenborgian anti->Marxist, wrote a hatchet
>job on Mumia for In these Times...
        As a gentile lemme say, "Oy vey!". Some of the lbo'ers are deep into
St. Augustine on Original Sin apropos well, oh well go to the archives at
lbo site for non-subbers, I've learned a thing or three from that thread
that being raised Catholic ("The One, the True, and Only Faith!...") didn't
grind into me, here at Lou's Marxism list, at least, we won't get a thread
on Swedenborg, I trust!
    Back to McLemee though, see his stuff in Lingua Franca and reviewing the
newish book on Jay Lovestone in the NY Times Book Review. He also edited a
book of pieces by C.L.R. James for
a university press in Mississippi recently. Is he
a convert to anti-Marxism, of late, and no threads please but, briefly what
were Swedenborg's ideas anyway? Know as little about that figure as say
Velikovsky, i.e. less than zero. Should I remain ignorent? In a world where
academics, for example, try to shoehorn Wittgenstein and Marx
together, the edit function in my brain synapses, can get clogged up with
pomo and other diversionary stuff.
                            Michael Pugliese

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