Michael Pugliese debsian at SPAMpacbell.net
Sun Dec 26 09:46:08 MST 1999

Michael Perelman wrote:
> From what I understand from George Wright, who has written an excellent
> book on Angola, Savimbi began as a Maoist, but he was an opportunist, who
> jumped at the opportunity for S. African support.

Indeed, Savimbi did start out as a Maoist. Wish I had some background in the
particulars of the Angolan struggle. And BTW, sorry I mixed up
Mozambique with Angola in a post yesterday recommending the Finnegan book on
Mozambique. Are there some good radical books on Angola perhaps from Zed
Press, Monthly Review Press, Third World Press (or is it, Africa World
Press?), Pluto, etc?
                                     Michael Pugliese

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