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Sun Dec 26 12:22:28 MST 1999

>heikki sipilä wrote:
>> According to the invest bank Salomon Smith Barney the market value of
>> stocks was on Wednesday 30.18 billion dollars.
>Ahem, difference in meaning of "billion." In u.s. meaning, 1,000,000,000 (one
>thousand million) there are many single corporations with a value of over
>30 "billion". Bill Gates personally is worth (what?) something over 60
>We need a translation here. ; )

Sorry. You are right. There is a difference between American and European words.

I just wrote like it was in the newspaper.

As far as I understand this means two zeros to be added...

Yet the principal difference between these figures is the point. The main
internal enemy of capitalism is unstability.

There are, of course,  others and even more serious factors which cause

World capitalism does it utmost to get the system under control by
stabilization even by violent means.

EU and Euro are also some tools for that purpose.




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