Holiday Cheers

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Holiday Cheers!

On this Day in History  Sun, Dec. 26  1893 - Mao Zedong, Chinese
revolutionary and statesman and one of the founders of China's Communist
Party, was born.

Lenin, Stalin Figures Of The Century For Chinese: Poll

                 BEIJING, Dec 23, 1999 -- (Agence France
                 Presse) Chinese consider Lenin and Stalin to
                 have had the most impact on the world in
                 the 20th century with Mao Zedong ranking
                 only eighth, according to an opinion poll
                 released here Wednesday.

                 Lenin, Stalin, Deng Xiaoping, Franklin D.
                 Roosevelt, Hitler, Churchill and Einstein all
                 ranked ahead of the founder of the People's
                 Republic in the survey conducted by the
                 Horizon Market Research Group.

                 Mao, however, was the overwhelming
                 choice when those surveyed were asked
                 who played the biggest role in China's development, the
pollsters said, followed by Deng, Sun Yatsen and Zhu Enlai.

                 Current Chinese President Jiang Zemin ranked sixth,
                 Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek.

                 Lenin also topped the list of foreigners considered to
have had the greatest impact on China, followed by US President Bill
Clinton, Stalin and Richard Nixon.

                 Horizon, an independent Chinese institute, said the
survey was conducted among 1,088 intellectuals, students and civil
servants  in September. ((c) 1999 Agence France Presse)

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