Philip L Ferguson PLF13 at
Sun Dec 19 18:57:06 MST 1999

Peter Kornbluh's article noted:
>the British House of
>Lords on November 25--Pinochet's 83rd birthday--which overruled a London
>lower court ruling that Pinochet had immunity from prosecution, makes it
>far more likely that the former dictator will eventually face some form of
>judicial reckoning for his crimes against humanity.

Now, the British House of Lords, last time I looked, was an imperialist
institution - dominated moreover by Tories (and, I assume, mainly Tories of
the old, conservative Empire variety).

An interesting question then would be, why this most decrepit,
anti-democratic and Empirish of British imperialist institutions would
over-rule a lower court and thereby assist the prosecution of Pinochet.

I remember when Ken Livingstone and the Greater London Council were
defeated by Thatcher around the mid-1980s.  Livingstone then appealed to
the Queen to save the GLC.

These kinds of cases, where the left appeals to the most medieval of
British institutions to lend a hand, reveal the sorry state of the British

Another good reason to be highly sceptical that the detention of Pinochet
in Britain is good news for the exploited and oppressed of the world.

Philip Ferguson

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