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Magnus Bernhardsen magnus.bernhardsen at
Wed Dec 22 07:04:51 MST 1999

[From interview with Stephen Jay Gould, posted by Lou Proyect]

>Q. Is creationism a uniquely American phenomenon?
>A. That's not hard to see. It just doesn't happen any place else in the
>Western world.
>Europeans just don't get why we have it. There are two things that
>intellectuals don't understand about Americans, I find. One was Bill and
>Monica, or, our obsession with it. The second is how you can possibly have
>an anti-evolution movement in a modern scientific country.

This should flatter us Europeans, and reinforce our stereotypical view that
"US of America"ns are are fat and stupid. Sadly, we have these creationist
views here in Norway as well. These days there are a lot of private
Christian schools being established, many of which teach creationism -
although not "officially".

Magnus Bernhardsen

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