Another imperialist outrage

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Wed Dec 22 21:18:07 MST 1999

    In another incredible outrage, the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization
Service has postponed Elián González's official "examination" for another
whole month, until January 21.

    The examination is simply what the INS does to everyone entering the
U.S., and normally takes place immediately upon arrival. In Elian's case it
has been postponed time and again, and for a very simple reason: the INS has
no legal alternative BUT to return the boy to his father. Given that he is
six years old, it would have to be Elian's dad that would have to file a
petition for the child to be admitted legally into the United States.
Elian's interloping Great Uncle has no legal right to act on the child's

    It represents yet another capitulation by the Clinton administration to
the right-wing Cuban exile Mafia in Miami, at the expense of a traumatized
child who saw his mother drown and now is being kept from his father by
distant relatives so the right-wing Mafia in Miami can use him as a poster
child for illegal immigration and anti-communist propaganda. Even the
child's birthday party was made into a crass political show, with an
airplane-shaped piñata to publicize the counterrevolutionary group "brothers
to the rescue."

    This postponement represents an incredible provocation against the
millions of Cubans and others around the world who have demanded Elián's
immediate repatriation.

    By so cynically ignoring elementary legal norms and standards of human
decency, The United States is sowing the wind, and will reap the whirlwind.
People should remember the countless CIA assassination plots against Fidel
Castro, that is was precisely the CIA's minions who invented skyjacking as
part of its struggle against the Cuban revolution, as well as the placing of
bombs aboard civilian airliners to blow them up in midair. Now the brazen
kidnapping of first-graders is being legitimized as one more weapon in
political warfare, and one doesn't need to be a genius to foresee what
country will be most affected by it. When Kennedy got shot, Malcolm X spoke
the God's honest truth when he said that it was a case of chickens coming
home to roost, and the same thing happened with skyjackings and blowing up
civilian airplanes in mid-flight: the United States itself became the victim
of the terrorist tactics it pioneered against Cuba.  It will not, of course,
be Cuban revolutionaries who will abduct American six year olds, just as
Cuba had no part in the Kennedy assassination, or in the countless
skyjackings of American planes, or in the Lockerbie explosion. But U.S.
society generates enough sick people so that we can be sure it will happen.

    The Clinton administration is counting on this season of holidays and
family reunion to mute the outcry that should meet its decision to keep
Elián by force in the United States against his dad's wishes. But that is a
cynical calculation that could well backfire if people with time off work
for the holidays use part of it to organize and reach out to others to
protest against the infamy.

    We should also start discussing ways of putting the maximum pressure on
Clinton near the date of the next hearing. One idea might be to seek to link
up with the commemorations of Martin Luther King's birthday around January
17th, especially because there's a tremendous and largely untapped sentiment
of sympathy with Cuba and its struggle in the Black community.


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