Are men oppressed? NO! (not as a gender, at least)

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Wed Dec 22 17:42:02 MST 1999

    Some things were established in the 1960s and 1970s, and
simply have to be taken as ground gained, from which we
move forward, not principles needing endless re-demonstration.
I am thinking now of some intensely practical political principles.
Mixed groups and groups of the specially oppressed are the
two kinds of acceptable political groupings. The Black Radical
Congress. The Committe of Labor Union Women. Black
caucuses. Women's Caucuses. *Not* men's groups, however
well intentioned. *Not* white groups, however well intentioned.

The bad history of the workers movement in general and of marxism
in particular on the subject of women offers abundant fuel for
varous kinds of reactionary politics. (Some kinds of black nationalism,
some kinds of feminism.) Among the more offensive contemporary
(pseudo?)marxist writing is that which focuses its attack on those
who use that fuel rather than on the practices and ideological
features of the workers movement and marxism that provide the
fuel. I am rather amazed -- or, sadly, perhaps not amazed -- that
on a marxist list it should be necessary to point out the
of "men's groups." The "men's movement" is unacceptable and
attempts to defend it are themselves unacceptable. There *are*
limits to free speech.


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