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Thu Dec 30 14:18:51 MST 1999

> djsaylor at writes:
> I distinguish this from painting because it has been my experience that some
> people take to painting quite naturally and others find it impossible.

Actually, there is very little evidence that painting is one of those
natural abilities, like matematics and music, that some people have and
others have not.  See, in this regard, the work of Howard Gardner concering
his model of multiple intelligences, Frames of Mind (?) or soem such.

> any case, the painting point is secondary - the main point is: I am arguing
> that good writing is actively prevented and that by and large people's
> writing ought to be comparable in quality to speech.

But the only writers I can think of who wrote the way people speak were
Samuel Beckett and John Berryman (maybe Zukerman too) and most people find
their work to be unreadable.

James Stewart

Louis Proyect
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