China Warns Arms Control off Track

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Tue Dec 28 08:20:19 MST 1999

                 China Warns Arms Control off Track, Issues Barb at US

                 BEIJING, Dec 28, 1999 -- (Agence France
                 Presse) China's top arms control official
                 warned global non-proliferation policy was
                 being blown dangerously off course, and
                 issued a veiled criticism of US arms policy,
                 state media reported Tuesday.

                 Sha Zukang, director general of the foreign
                 ministry's department of arms control and
                 disarmament, said NATO's March-June
                 bombing campaign of Yugoslavia had
                 delivered a damaging blow to disarmament

                 And in a clear reference to the US Senate's
                 failure to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
                 Sha accused some countries of using non-proliferation
policy to bolster their own strategic position.

                 "The purpose of non-proliferation is to enhance the
                 security of all countries, and it should not become a
tool for
                 some countries to seek or maintain strategic and
                 advantages," Sha said, quoted by the China Daily.

                 He suggested the US Senate's failure to ratify the
treaty in
                 October, despite an appeal from President Bill Clinton,
was part of a "cynical" manipulation of global disarmament policy.

                 "After a treaty is concluded countries keep a vigilant
eye on
                 others to make sure they comply with the treaty. But
some delay or even reject the ratification of the same treaties to serve
their own purposes."

                 Sha also warned that many developing countries could
ditch their support for non-proliferation efforts because of this

                 China has signed the 1996 CTBT, but along with Russia
and the United States has yet to ratify the agreement.
((c) 1999 Agence France Presse)

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