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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Dec 31 15:45:05 MST 1999

>Friends, Are these long pieces the "Digests?"

Many Internet mailing-lists offer a "digest" subscription which is a bit of
a misnomer. In a real digest like the Readers Digest, articles are whittled
down from their original. Unfortunately, no such artificial intelligence
type capabilities exist in this medium. I suppose I could write one that
searched for phrases like "As Lenin said" and then delete them, but I don't
have immediate plans to do so.

So what is a digest?

A digest merely packages together 10 or so messages and sends them out in
one email. Many people prefer this to getting 10 separate emails. On a busy
day on the Marxism list, there might be up to 50 messages or so. So if you
are subscribed to marxism-digest, you will get only 10 transmissions
instead of 50.

Perhaps the problem is that there is too much traffic. I am thinking about
instituting a new rule that you can only read 20 messages a day. If you are
caught reading more than 20, you will be suspended. Second offenders will
be expelled.

Louis Proyect
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