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Wed Dec 29 11:58:57 MST 1999

>Savimbi wasn't the only African nationalist parading about in
>"Marxist-Leninist" clothing in those days.  Col. Odemegwu Ojukwu, leader
>the Biafran war of independence from Nigeria 1967-70, in hopes of getting
>Chinese support for his cause, also made ritual declarations of support
>"People's War" and denunciations of "Soviet Revisionism" (the Soviets
>supporting the Nigerian government).  The cover of the "Ahiara
>the main programmatic declaration of the Biafran cause, shows Ojukwu
>in fatigues a la Fidel.  Rather amusing, since the guy was a
>dyed-in-the-wool bourgeois.
>I'd hasten to add that I thought the Biafran cause was totally justified
>Ojukwu was an admirable figure in his way.  But a communist he wasn't!
>David Altman

I agree with David here. Indeed Biafra was a very popular cause in Ireland
due to the large number of Irish missionaries in Nigeria.

I also thought that this war was an intra inmperialist war as well with
the British and Russians on the Nigerian side and the French on the
Biafran side.I think that similar conflicts will have an intra imperialist
aspect in the future.

National Liberation movements including the Provos here are very good at
their PR. Thwe Provos had no problem giving a free market line to their
American friends and a Socialist line to their left wing supporters.
Jim Monaghan

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