A baby's death

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Wed Dec 29 11:51:04 MST 1999

George writes
Yet to my knowledge there has never been a trial let alone conviction for
the murder or
manslaughter of these children. In Ireland it is hardly even discussed.
The entire matter
is suppressed and simply explained away, at most, as post-natal blues.

Jim Comments
In a similar case in Kerry a number of years ago the cops made a mess of
everything and at least 2 books were written on it.
In Granard a similar tragic csae where the mother died also caused a great
deal of heart searching.

I am told by feminist comrades that infanticede was used instead of
abortion down through the years.

Comparitive statistis would be interesting but then different countries
compile these on different bases. For intance I do not believe that the
suicide rate is going iupo in Ierland buit that there is more honesty
about it.
Jim Monaghan

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