grammar: open only if interested

Borba100 at Borba100 at
Wed Dec 29 11:23:00 MST 1999

Dear Ismail,

What interesting points you make.  I feel that both sides of this "argument"
are right but I haven't yet got it all together.  In a way your point is
similar to mine - in this sense, that you desire grammar to fill a need.
Thus you have already learned to ride the bike.  What Carrol and I were
getting at is that many children are so devestated by the "learning
experience" that giving them grammar is like prescribing an exercise program
for the victim of a terrible car accident.
By the way, you say you struggle with it, yet your writing reads rather
fluid.  May I ask, do you think in English?  And when you are writing  in
English is there some in-between step not present when you write in some
other language?


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