Biafra war (it was Unita)

David Altman altman_d at
Wed Dec 29 07:54:51 MST 1999

>Julio Fernández Baraibar wrote:
> > I has allways thought that the Biafra secesion was an imperialistic
> > in order to balcanize the oil rich Nigeria and that was backed by the
> > powers.
> >
>Absolutely correct.

Absolutely WRONG!  Read my other posts.

>The oil company Elf-Aquitaine promoted the rebellion, with all the power of
>french state behind it. Portugal, desperate to find allies for its african
>policies, was easily enlisted on this catholic crusade. The other major
>supporter of Biafra was that ineffable statesmen Félix Houphouet-Boigny, of
>Ivory Coast (the very one that built a giant replica of St. Peter's
>cathedral on
>the middle of the african jungle).

Also, by the way, that "running dog of imperialism," Julius Nyererre!
Really, this sort of argument is just pathetic, and all too common on the
left.  If some right-winger gives (verbal) support to some cause for
tactical reasons (in this case, Houphouet-Boigny was sucking up to his
masters in France, who wanted to keep their options "open" in
Biafra/Nigeria), then that makes it reactionary, ipso-facto, freeing one of
the necessity of studying the underlying issues.

I'd be interested to hear what the Ethiopian comrades have to say about this
issue.  I suspect their position is a little more "nuanced" than those of
Cdes. Julio & Nestor.

David Altman

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