Egypt and Paraguay

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at
Tue Dec 28 19:05:38 MST 1999

Louis Project wrote:

>Reading Teshale Tibebu's "The Making of Modern Ethiopia 1896-1974" (Red Sea
>Press, 1995), I discover through his citation of Martin Bernal that
>Egyptian head of state Mohammad Ali began a modernization program that
>inivited comparison "only with those of Peter the Great in Russia and the
>Meiji Emperor in Japan...By the 1830s Egypt was second ONLY TO ENGLAND [my
>emphasis] in its modern industrial capacity." Tibebu goes on to explain
>that the 1838 Anglo-Turkish treaty made Egypt a supplier of raw cotton to
>Manchester and effectively ended Egypt's bid to join the first rank of
>capitalist powers. Now ask yourself why it did such a self-destructive
>thing. Perhaps this is because Egypt's army had been crushed by the British
>Navy and reduced from 130,000 to 18,000.

Something that only can be compared with the situation of Paraguay after the
Triple Alianza war. The statistics on the Paraguay before the war show the
embryo of a modern industrial country. Paraguay paid it with the
extermination of its male population in the hands of Buenos Aires and the
Empire of Brazil, and beyond them the perfidy of Albion.

Julio FB

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