Antiquities of American Trotskyism

Philip L Ferguson PLF13 at
Tue Dec 28 20:13:33 MST 1999

Dave Altman wrote:
>Looking back on all this, it's obvious that the SWP leadership in New York
>never had any intention of letting Zaslow back in, as he wasn't about to
>admit that he was wrong in 1953.

Yeh, and doesn't that stink?

When has it ever been part of the modus operandi of a genuine Marxist
organisation to demand people admit they were wrong 20 years ago in order
to be part of the organisation today?  That's more like the kind of stuff
Stalin was into.

What's spooky is that for several decades SWPers were 'educated' to think
that was the right and proper way to conduct revolutionary politics and
therefore voted for a series of disgusting purges.  The SWP 'leadership'
might just as well have told Zaslow to go on all fours, make animal sounds
and kiss their asses - a practice I believe 'Whacko Jaco' Barnes now
imposes on those who cross him.

Philip Ferguson

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