Black Like Who? - Why African Americans Arn't Supporting Mumia

Mark Meinster uect at
Wed Dec 29 23:25:45 MST 1999

Jamal Hannah wrote:

> I dont hear rap songs about Mumia, for example.  It's a shame... and I think
> the Mumia movement needs to be more critical of itself and figure out

Examples of hip-hop artists rhyming about Mumia abound.  KRS-One, the
Roots, Black Star, Dead Prez, Chuck D, Wu-Tang Clan and others have
featured Mumia in their work.  Even the multi-platinum narcissist Jay-Z
offers a nod to Mumia on his latest album.

A good example of the hip-hop community's support for Mumia is the
recent "Mumia 911" single recorded by a dozen rappers and released as a
benefit for the cause.  The first three minutes of the track can be
found at:

Not surprisingly, one hears more references to Mumia on hip-hop releases
by independent record labels rather than major record labels.  Major
label execs routinely try to dissuade rappers from including political
content in their work, favoring instead the highly marketable "player"
motif - money, cars, crime, ghetto celebrity, etc.

The problem here is more the manipulation of culture by capitalism - in
particular the handful of corporations which dominate the music industry
- than the Mumia movement's lack of "self-criticism".

Mark Meinster

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