In Defence of Stephen Jay Gould

Borba100 at Borba100 at
Wed Dec 29 09:28:00 MST 1999

In a couple of comments on this grammar business, I recall people saying that
grammar is only appropriate for those who are writing craftsmen; the thing
I'm thinking about here is the question of CRAFTSMEN.  I think the talent for
writing is much more widespread, perhaps, than the talent for, let us say,
painting.  Because it is esentially speech isn't it?  The same with reading.
The big jump, made by virtually everyone, is from silence to speech, yes?
Isn't speech to reading and writing merely or mainly a matter of a
differerent medium but the same material? Of course reading is taught by
reading out loud and so on.  I personally recall being tormented in class by
a reading teacher - humiliated.  So much the worse for children about whom
the teacher entertains some bizarre prejudice.


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