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> Tourists and Terrorists: Giuliani 2000
> By Robert Lederman
> According to Mayor Rudolph Giuliani Times Square on New
> Years Eve is the safest place to be in all of New York City
> with midtown Manhattan locked down like a giant maximum
> security Federal penitentiary.
> Aptly named project Archangel, Mayor Darksides ominous
> security plans include having his imperial troops, eight
> thousand uniformed cops, stand guard duty in Times Square
> backed up by hundreds of FBI agents, private security guards
> and operatives from other Federal agencies. The remainder of
> the Citys 40,000 uniformed police officers will take time out
> from their Christmas assignment of rounding up and arresting
> homeless families to diligently search the subway tunnels and
> streets of New York City for potential terrorists and Giuliani
> critics.
> Roofs in Times Square will be manned by crack teams of
> police snipers with night vision scopes mounted on their
> high-powered rifles. Every parked car in a mile long three
> block wide strip of midtown will be towed to prevent the
> deployment of car bombs. The party-going public will be
> herded cattle-like through an endless maze of police barricades
> and metal detectors and treated to body searches in below zero
> temperatures. Many attendees are expected to be arrested on
> the way to the event simply for possessing alcohol, a substance
> zero-tolerance Giuliani believes often leads to terroristic
> anti-social acts such as dancing, solicitation of prostitutes and
> public urination.
> Manhole covers will be welded shut. Mailboxes will be sealed.
> Every garbage can in midtown will be removed. Hundreds of
> undercover police officers will be circulating through the
> partying crowd disguised as tourists. As they do in Washington
> Square Park with marijuana sales officers will run sting
> operations, in this case offering to sell high school kids
> everything they need to make their own New Years bomb and
> then busting them as terrorists. For the past few weeks the
> NYPD has been bribing hundreds of informants in order to get
> them to report threatening comments theyve overheard from
> drunks bragging in neighborhood bars or the thinly-veiled
> threats of community activists.
> Are the enormous expenses of this event and its
> unprecedented and ultimately futile security precautions worth
> the economic and social cost to the taxpayers of New York
> City? This is not a Presidential inauguration, the signing of an
> international peace treaty or anything of genuine public value
> that justifies either the cost or the risks involved. This once
> stirring celebration of diversity and democracy has been
> reduced to nothing more than a slick ad for Disney, the Times
> Square Business Improvement District and the Giuliani for
> U.S. Senate campaign.
> Watching the ball drop on New Years Eve was once an
> authentic celebration by actual New Yorkers who traveled by
> subway from ethnic neighborhoods in all five boroughs. They
> came to share a collective experience in the center of a real
> city. Giulianis ersatz party is closer to Hitlers 1937
> Olympics celebration than the New Years event which became
> a symbolic celebration of freedom renowned throughout the
> world.
> Giuliani isnt celebrating a New Year so much as his cleansing
> of New Yorkers and authentic New York culture from Times
> Square. The hotdog stands, shoeshine parlors, peep shows,
> all-night movie theaters, hookers, hustlers and gritty texture of
> a flesh and blood city have been replaced by a sterilized
> Mickey Mouse mall every square inch of which has been
> tagged with mind-boggling fluorescent graffiti.  This corporate
> freakshow on steroids is prowled by an army of black
> uniformed cops whose sole mission is to protect tourists from
> low income New Yorkers and to uphold the real estate values
> of Giulianis top contributors.
> Aside from terrorists, virtually all of the two million
> participants expected to be in Times Square this New Years
> Eve will be tourists. No sane New Yorker would venture
> anywhere near midtown as Giuliani pulls the lever on his
> Police State 2000.
> The idea that Adolf Giulianis army of poorly trained and
> underpaid cops, who are known to despise Furhrer Giuliani,
> can somehow prevent a genuine attack by determined terrorists
> is ludicrous. Not even the real Hitler with his real Gestapo was
> able to prevent acts by determined terrorists. If actual terrorists
> wanted to make a big splash in Times Square they could have
> securely planted their bombs or gas canisters months ago.
> Then whats the point of Project Archangel, Lucifer-Giulianis
> aptly named contingency plan to thwart a terrorist attack? Like
> the event itself the security arrangements are nothing more than
> an advertisement for Emperor Giuliani and the police state he
> hopes to usher in for the new millennium.
> Ironically, the biggest threat to the tourist throngs in Times
> Square will probably be the NYPD itself, which Giuli-anus is
> fond of calling, the most restrained police force in the U.S..
> Heres the likeliest disaster scenario. While peering through a
> defective nightscope obtained from a supplier/contributor
> linked to the Giuliani administration a police sniper on the 30th
> floor of a Times Square office building thinks hes seeing a
> drunken tourist make a threatening move, perhaps only
> flipping Giuliani the bird. With no time to do anything but act,
> he takes the poor sucker out. In a domino effect hundreds of
> panicy cops on the street misinterpret the police sniper fire
> Diallo style and begin blasting back. After thousands of rounds
> of newly distributed exploding bullets are expended and the
> Square is littered with dead and wounded tourists,
> Commissioner Safir and Hollowpoint Giuliani will cite
> contagious fire, the same explanation they gave for how four
> cops fired 41 times at unarmed West African immigrant
> Amadou Diallo last February.
> The most cost-effective thing a government can do to reduce
> the threat of terrorism is to stop pissing off so many people. To
> be anything more than an insane act of meaningless violence
> politically-motivated terrorism depends on grievances that are
> popularly understood and commonly agreed with.
> Even though Mayor Giuliani has no influence whatsoever on
> foreign policy, the Giuliani administration inordinately fears
> terrorists because it specializes in oppressing people. Vast
> numbers of those who live in New York City now feel
> victimized by the Mayor and his circle of thugs. Like a mob
> boss that expects to be cut down at any moment Giuliani is
> paranoid because he knows better than anyone the multitude of
> people who have a legitimate grievance against him. He went
> so far as to invent bogus warnings from the FBI that City Hall
> was in imminent danger from terrorists in order to restrict
> access to New Yorkers. These imaginary warnings were later
> publicly denied by the FBI itself.
> We do face a real terrorist threat in New York City but its not
> from fundamentalists in turbans or bible belt militias. The main
> suspect resides in Gracie Mansion, has a taxpayer funded office
> in City Hall and lately hides out in his high-tech bunker in the
> World Trade Center.  He depicts himself as an advocate of law
> and order while actually being the biggest lawbreaker in the
> entire City. While mouthing platitudes about the glories of
> liberty and free speech and the dignity of work, he uses 680
> lawyers to subvert the Constitution, is an outright enemy of
> anyones free speech but his own and has a view of work
> closer to a WWII forced labor camp than an actual job.
> As the ball drops in Times Square on New Years Eve lets
> hope we will be seeing the final curtain call in the career of
> Mayor Rudy Crueliani. If not, we may be seeing the opening
> act in what is sure to be the police state future the Malathion
> Madman foreshadowed in his most infamous quote:
> "Freedom is not a concept in which people can do anything
> they want, be anything they can be. Freedom is about authority.
> Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being
> to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what
> you do and how you do it." Mayor Giuliani, New York
> Times, March 17, 1994.
> Have a Happy and safe New Year and do yourself a favor by
> staying far away from Foolianis nightmarish party in Times
> Square.
> Robert Lederman is an artist, a regular columnist for both the
> Grenwich Village Gazette [See: http://www.gvny.com/ ] and
> Street News, and is the author of hundreds of published essays
> concerning Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. His essays and letters
> have appeared in the NY Times, NY Post, Daily News,
> Newsday, Brooklyn Bridge, Park Slope Courier, The Daily
> Challenge, Amsterdam News, Sandbox, Penthouse, Our Town,
> NY Press and are available on hundreds of websites around the
> world. Lederman has been falsely arrested 40 times to date for
> his anti-Giuliani activities and has never been convicted of any
> of the charges. He is best known for creating hundreds of
> paintings of Mayor Giuliani as a Hitler like dictator.
> Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.
> (Artists Response To Illegal State Tactics)
> ARTISTpres at aol.com  (718) 743-3722
> http://www.openair.org/alerts/artist/nyc.html
> Also see: http://www.levymultimedia.com/news.htm for
> Ledermans essays on Malathion and the spraying of toxic
> insecticides on NYC [scroll down the menu to the items
> highlighted in blue].
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