Ethiopian history and politics, part one: From the Solomonic dynasties to the Battle of Adwa

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Fri Dec 31 11:06:07 MST 1999

Tsegai wrote:
>Your last posts are excellent material Louis, but leave out the peculiar
>position of Eritrea, which is the keystone to post-revolutionary events in
>the Horn.  As you say, history leaves its mark, and this is an interesting

As you can probably figure out, Ethiopian politics and history is a
completely new area of research for me, so to an extent I am simply
reporting on what I read. In the case of Harold Marcus, an
"Ethiopiologist", and Teshale Tibebu, an Amharic world-systems theorist,
Eritrea plays very little role. I think that I have to look into Columbia
University's library to find a monograph on Eritrea itself, in order to
round out my understanding. As always, many thanks for the insightful
feedback. As this mailing list is poised on the brink of the next century,
one of the most hopeful things I can think of is the growing dialogue
between Marxists internationally, an essential precondition for confronting
capitalist rule in coming years.

Louis Proyect
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