Workers protest at factories linked to Nike

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24 December 1999
Workers protest at factories linked to Nike
JAKARTA, Indonesia: Thousands of workers from two factories producing Nike
shoes held a violent protest demanding higher salaries, news reports said
About 8,000 employees threw stones at the factories and then vandalized
several vehicles Wednesday on the outskirts of Jakarta after demands for
higher end-of-year bonuses were not met, The Jakarta Post reported.
Dozens of police officers intervened and prevented the violence from
spreading. The protesters also demanded the right to select their union
leaders freely.
To be competitive at the retail level, many popular sportswear companies,
including Nike Inc., have turned to manufacturers in the developing nations
of Southeast Asia where local production costs are extremely low.
However, in recent years, these have been accused of exploiting their
workers, forcing them to work in sweatshop conditions and paying minimal
In recent months, Nike has taken several steps to improve its workplace
conditions, including raising the minimum age requirement to 18 at all its
factories and boosting wages. (Associated Press)
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