Biafra war (it was Unita)

David Altman altman_d at
Wed Dec 29 06:40:13 MST 1999

Julio wrote:

>I has allways thought that the Biafra secesion was an imperialistic
>in order to balcanize the oil rich Nigeria and that was backed by the West

Not so!  Most of the "Western Powers" supprted the Nigerian government.
Please read my other post!  Better yet, read some of the literature on the
subject.  John de St. Jorre's "The Nigerian Civil War" (which is generally
sympathetic to the "Federal" side) is a good place to start.

Ojukwu in many ways was (& is) a rascal, but he was no Savimbi or Tshombe!
I can't blame him for seeking support wherever he could get it.  When your
back is against the wall you take whatever help you can get.

David Altman

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