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Tue Dec 28 16:55:53 MST 1999

Reading Teshale Tibebu's "The Making of Modern Ethiopia 1896-1974" (Red Sea
Press, 1995), I discover through his citation of Martin Bernal that
Egyptian head of state Mohammad Ali began a modernization program that
inivited comparison "only with those of Peter the Great in Russia and the
Meiji Emperor in Japan...By the 1830s Egypt was second ONLY TO ENGLAND [my
emphasis] in its modern industrial capacity." Tibebu goes on to explain
that the 1838 Anglo-Turkish treaty made Egypt a supplier of raw cotton to
Manchester and effectively ended Egypt's bid to join the first rank of
capitalist powers. Now ask yourself why it did such a self-destructive
thing. Perhaps this is because Egypt's army had been crushed by the British
Navy and reduced from 130,000 to 18,000.

Louis Proyect
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