Unpaid testimonial for the new webpage

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Mon Dec 27 12:53:56 MST 1999

i saw your page and i liked the "facts about the system" page, it would
help me a lot if you could send me some links where i can find more




I suggest that you take a look at:

http://www.undp.org/hdro/ (UN human development index)

http://www.worldwatch.org/ (Worldwatch Institute)

http://www.fas.org/ (Federation of American Scientists)

http://www.cdi.org/ (Center for Defense Information)


Dear friends,
Thank you very much for the links you sent me, i'll start using them and i
suppose they'll help me me very much with my studying. Again, thanks a

                       sincely yours,
                       Cristóbal Sastre.

Louis Proyect

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