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Last night HBO did a re-broadcast of "Th Enemy Within" which was an HBO
remake/knock-off of "Seven Days in May." But the changes from the old to the
new knock-off were truly interesting.

The original "Seven Days in May" was based on the book by the same name
written by Fletcher Knebel. The thesis is that the U.S. Government is about
to be taken over by a megalomaniacal air-force general and his cabal of
right-wing military/politicians/media/industrialists via an alert scheduled
in seven days. Frederick March plays President Lyman who has just signed a
treaty with the Soviets--opposed by the military and the right-wing--Burt
Lancaster plays the megalomaniacal air force general James Matoon Scott, and
Kirk Dougklas plays a Marine Intelligence ( a true oxymoron) officer "Jigs
Casey" who works for General Scott, Chairman of the JCS and smells a plot
based on a few small inconsistencies and takes it to the president risking
his career and everything. The screenplay was written by Rod Serling.

Many do not know that  Fletcher Knebel, author of the book "Seven Days in
May" was a very high-level intelligence analyst in the Pentagon--in real
life--and when asked where he got his idea for the thesis of the book, he
answered very cryptically "From deep deep inside the bowels of the Pentagon
archives." Many think that he was referring to the plot to depose FDR by
fascists in J.P. Morgan and other right-wingers in 1934-35 using angry and
alienated veterans (betrayed "bonus marchers") and attempted use of General
Smedley Butler--USMC, twice decorated with the Medal of Honor and who played
along with and then turned in the conspirators--as a "leader on a white
horse". Other conspirators at the time favored Douglas MacArthur as the
leader and as a fascist he probably would have gone along with it. But
others, knowledgeable about "national security" issues, have suggested that
the real-life plot which was crushed in time, the basis for Knebel's book,
was a plot against JFK just before or around the time of the "Cuban Missle
Crisis." Of course the suggestion was that the assassination of JFK was
finishing off the job that was started and failed before. In Seven Days in
May, the plot was triggered by a Treaty with the USSR on Nuclear Arms
Reduction much like that proposed by Kennedy and in the film, the President
Lyman says to General Scott something to the effect that had he considered
that if the government were brought down, this would indeed trigger a
wholesale attack by the USSR of the magnitude that the conspirators fear
will be unleased by the proposed Treaty.

Now flash forward to the HBP special "The Enemy Within". Now the
megalomaniacal general is a Marine four-star general played by Jason
Robards, the Marine Colonel is named "Mac" Casey and is Black, played by
Forest Wittaker, the President is played by Sam Waterston but the basic
thesis is the same as in Seven Days in May.
But this time, the Marine Colonel who has brought his suspicions of a plot
to overthrow the presidency to the President is aided, protected and given
concrete proof to stop the plot by no less than intelligence agents of the
new Russian Security Sevices--How times change eh? And a new twist is
introduced to answer the question of why would the military and civilians
tolerate an open military coup?: Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the U.S.
Constitution allowing the Vice-President (who is in on the coup) and a
majority of cabinet officers (also in on the coup) to transmit a signed
letter to the President Pro Tem of the Senate and Speaker of the House (also
in on the coup) that the President is unfit to hold office allowing the VP
to assume  the Presidency until the issue of who is or is not "unfit" is
decided by both houses (takes 2/3 of votes in each body to permanently
remove the president) within 48 hours if congress is in session and within
21 days if not in session. A coup by strictly "Constitutional" means.

During the Iran-Contra Hearings, Congressman Jack Brooks let loose and asked
Ollie North about the military/police/FEMA exercise "Rex 84", very similar
in nature and design to that suggested in "Seven Days in May" and "The Enemy
Within". He asked why the U.S. Government would be conducting a military
exercise to identify and round-up and incarcerate, within 24 hours,
identified "illegal aliens" and "undesirables" and why, if they had been
identified, had they not been already rounded up? The Chairman, Daniel
Inouye flew into a rage and told Brooks that this was classified and to
cease immediately whereupon he ajourned immediately to "Executive Session".
nothing was mentioned about "Rex 84" after that.

After being elected, Regan picked his old buddy Louis Giuffrida to head the
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Guiffrida, an out-and-out
fascist who had helped Reagan suppress anti-Vietnam protests in California
when REgan was Governor, was a sight to behold. He once said that nuclear
war was winnable and that "it's the dirt that does it" [five feet of dirt
over a hole in the ground would protect most people from radiation from
nuclear fall-out] and "with enough shovels, everyone's gonna make it." In
October of 1984, Jack Anderson put out a column based on documents leaked to
him from FEMA that said that FEMA officials had developed "standby
legislation" to present to congress is the U.S. was faced with "domestic
chaos or a statre of total war." According to Anderson, the proposal would:
"suspend the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, effectively elinate
private property, abolish free enterprise, and generally clamp Americans in
a totalitarian vise." FEMA further developed "continuity of government"
facilities such as the one beneath Virginia's Mount Weather, a massive
underground complex to shelter government officials in the event life above
ground should become too hazardous [they get to take their families also].
With the uproar, Giuffrida stepped down in 1985 but the fears about FEMA
plans and intentions, and about Seven Days in May/The Enemy Within scenarios
cvoming to pass remained and were revived in the film "The X- Files."

In the film "The X-Files", the FEMA plan is alluded to triggering a plethora
of protests to the U.S. Government. FEMA responds with FEMA "Public Affairs
Guidance Directive Number 1" [obtained trhough FOIA as FEMA refused to
release it]. that directed FEMA employees" "You may emphatically state that
FEMA does not have, never has had, nor will ever seek, the authority to
suspend the Constitution."

Now this is beautiful. This is worthy of Slick Willie's "It depends upon
what the meaning of is is" Of course FEMA does not seek the authority to
suspend the Constitution; they seek to carry out the authority that rests
elsewhere. Under no plausible scenario  could FEMA become the "authority" to
suspend the Constitution, they have always been and will always be the
instrument of the "authority" that rests elsewhere.

I recommend that people take a look at FEMA documents "Public Affairs
Guidance No. 1 and No. 2" along with some other documents at under "Domestic Ops" in the Documents Archive.

Get ready folks, even grander versions of the BIA are getting ready for
martial law.

By the way, the Department Of Defense published a study of the Use of the
Internet in Informational Warfare" a study of several political groups and
how they used the internet for information warfare against the U.S.
government) no longer available at parascope. Anyone know where it can be

Jim Craven

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