Indians training with computers

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Mon Dec 27 18:08:39 MST 1999

"Craven, Jim" wrote:

>  What have
> you corrupt "insider" scum, "Indians" and BIA, with big salaries and big
> offices, been doing?; and, what exactly are you really capable of building
> or indeed doing other than running your mouths and going to expensive
> conferences all over the world?
> [SNIP]  I was approached by a Phoenix firm who wanted to donate computers
> for Indian children, but they were very correctly suspicious of the
> "powers-that-be" in the Tribal Council [SNIP].
> [SNIP]  known non-corrupt and honest activists (those who are honest and
> uncorruptible are known with a little checking)in the local area in which
> you are interested.

Jim, what would you have said if someone posted to the list beginning
with the statement that she was all for Indian liberation, BUT, and then
proceeded to repeat (but in a tone suggesting they were representative
of Indians and the Indian liberation movement) the descriptions you
have given here of corrupt Indians?

She might have concluded by repeating that she was all for the Indian
liberation movement, but  one really ought to compare the situation of
those corrupt tribal councils to the condition of black women in
prison or of the women working in chicken factories in the south.

You would, rightly, have been very angry. But that is exactly what
you did last week in your post on women.


P.S. In the military they used to call the kind of post you wrote
comparing the miseries of different groups, Pissing Contests.

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