Russell Grinker grinker at SPAMmweb.co.za
Tue Dec 28 01:18:43 MST 1999

From: David Altman

>Savimbi wasn't the only African nationalist parading about in
"Marxist-Leninist" clothing in those days...

In contrast to Mandela who was always an admirer of Westminster-style
democracy, in his student days at Warwick University, Thabo Mbeki too was a
self-professed Marxist-Leninist together with current Minister in the Office
of the president Essop Pahad and his brother Aziz .  All were then much more
aligned with the SACP which played a key cohering role in the exile

If my memory serves me well, movement mythology has it that during the '70s
the exile ANC also paid a visit to Beijing in search of support and were
roundly castigated for their relative inactivity in the liberation struggle.
Anyone got any more on this?

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