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29 July, 1999: Four documents and one pamphlet have been added to the
Lenin Archive:

<italic> * To the Soldiers and Sailors

 * The War and the Provisional Government

 * In the footsteps of Russkaya Volya

 * A Partnership of Lies

 * An Important Exposure

 * Banks and Ministers

</italic>20 July, 1999: <italic>Capital Volume 2</italic> has been

19 July, 1999: Four documents and one pamphlet have been added to the
Lenin Archive:

<italic> * Letters on Tactics

 * The Tasks of the Proletariat in our Revolution

 * Political Parties in Russia and the Tasks of the Proletariat

 * Speech at the meeting of Soldiers of the Izmailovsky Regiment

 * A Shameless Lie of the Capitalists

</italic>11 July, 1999: The Alexandra Kollontai Archive has added
excerpts from the document <italic>Workers' Opposition.

</italic>9 July, 1999: The Rosa Luxemburg Archive has added the book:
<italic>The Russian Revolution.

</italic>7 July 1999: The 1908 critique of Leo Tolstoy written by Leon
Trotsky entitled <italic>Tolstoy, Poet and Rebel</italic> has been
added to the Leon Trotsky Archive.

5 July 1999: Two new texts in the James P. Cannon Internet Archive:

<italic> * Speech at the First Workers Party Convention

 * Our Appeal Against Expulsion from the Communist Party .

</italic>3 July, 1999: Marx's <italic>A Contribution to a Critique of
Political Economy</italic> has been completed.

 3 July, 1999: Many new <italic>letters from Marx and Engels</italic>
to each other and several others into the Letters Archive. Recipients
include Kautsky, Sorge, Zasulich, Lassalle

and new collections have been started for Engels to August Bebel, and
Marx to Engels.

1 July, 1999: We've added nine new chapters from Leon Trotsky's
Military Writings, Volume II, 1919. These writings were originally
published by the Soviet Government in the 1920s and not translated into
English until the 1970s.


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