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Michael Pugliese debsian at
Thu Nov 4 08:54:50 MST 1999

Dennis Redmond wrote:
         > Ironic as it may seem, Adorno *was* one of the crucial thinkers
of the New
> Left. Just because he didn't march in the streets doesn't mean his ideas
> weren't marching in the minds of the students.
    I agree, sorry I didn't make that clearer. However Adorno and Horkheimer
viewed with horror the New Left student movement. Leaders of the German New
Left like Rudi Deutschke (mispelled?)
and Hans Jurgen Krahl, knew their Lukacs and Adorno quite well. Wish the
Deutschke book on Lukacs et al. I've seen in German had been translated into
English. Also, don't parents and their children
often misperceive their points of agreement, esp. when in the heat of
struggle over vital issues. Adorno, with his views on jazz and other popular
art forms had another reason for disliking his bastard children, the New
Left and it's countercultural outgrowths like rock and roll, just as I'm
sure he viewed with disdain the faux-populism of the Old Left with folk
music, a mostly urban, middle class phenomenon.
        Dennis quoting me:
> > "epater le bourgeoisie" "epater le PC academia." Still for those needing
> > introduction to the Frankfurters, going to a university library and
> > Telos from the 70's and 80's will give one a strong foundation, and at
> > these folks were never taken in by post-modernism, deconstruction or
> > Althusserian structuralism like New Left Review, was for a time back
          > Dennis asked:
> Why do you consider postmodernism and deconstruction to be a sham?

                         Have to start to get ready for work, and the
postmodernism/deconstruction discussion that Dennis asks me about,(forests
have been emptied to debate this) will have to wait till tonight. I don't
wan't my rejoinder to sound as harsh as my original comment. Without beating
a dead horse, the Sokal affair makes my point for now.
                                             Michael Pugliese

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