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Wed Nov 3 07:37:52 MST 1999

Just to clairify what "sectarianism" is for Mr. Dart. According to Marx, Lenin and
Trotsky, being a sect has nothing to do with one's size nor with engaging in criticism
with others on the left (what you call "sectarian," Marx, Lenin and Trotsky
called "polemics"), rather being a sect and thus being sectarian is a matter of one's
relationship with the working class as well as one's sense of oneself. Given the ISO's
non-worker composition and its exaggerated sense of itself as the
revolutionary party it is the ISO and its cothinkers around the world who are in much
greater danger of being sectarian.


"Dart, Jon J [CES]" wrote:

> Having recently joined the list I was hoping for some interesting and
>'controversial' postings.
> However the recent diet of self-indulging together with the outright sectarianism
>does leave a bad taste.
> The commentators so far fail to include any kind of contribution as to what they
>doing to build the broad left. Surely if people can agree on the ends, then a
>comradely attitude, despite disagreements with others, should be maintained.
> As a comrade (not a member of the ISO) recently said "It is discreditable and
>foolish to attack people in a broad-brush way for 'style'. It hides what's really at
>stake. Too often, people use this kind of criticism as an alibi for doing nothing".
> Hoping your sectarianism doesn't depress you too much  - it does me.

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