Brazil: the Pathology of Bourgeois Democracy.

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Sat Nov 6 15:11:49 MST 1999

Accused MP does not convince Inquiry Comission

*O Globo*, 6th november 1999

Before the banfit that accuses him of being the chief of organized crime
in the state of Maranhão, the State MP José Geraldo de Abreu was called
lorry- staeler and cargo robber and accused of being intellectual author
of murders. His passive reaction during the audience annoyed the federal
MPs in the Parliamentary Inquiry Comission on Drugs Trafficking:

"I feel sorry for your lawyers. This is something deserving a 100-years
sentence. You don't have a single argument for defense. I hope you will
be in jail next Wednesday"- said the reporter of the PIC, MP Moroni
[yes, he is a mormon- CR] Torgan [Party of Liberal Front - state of

Jorge Meres, the truck-driver that worked for the racket during 9 years,
driving stolen trucks across the Bolivian border, said before Geraldo
that he changed registration numbers and poaint of the stolen lorries in
the garage of the Julie[sic- typically Brazilian, sorry] Transporting
Co., in São Luis, under the view and under oirders of the state
legislator, who owned the company. Meres even lost his temper:

"If today I'm called a bandit is because I took orders from this s.o.b."

The state legislator was accused of having ordered the murder of Meres's
wife and of having ordered his gang to invade the jail where the said
Meres was, in order to kidnap him and then kill him afterwards as 'a
burnt-out archive'. But Geraldo always said that he knew no member of
the gang and that he had never seem Meres before. He fell in minor
contradictions, but still attacked his political enemies:

"There are lots of people in Maranhão who deal with cocaine. The firm of
the president of the state assembly had an unexplained growth in 5
years. How come they have managed to buy five planes?"

the widow of the police marshall Stênio Mendonça, killied in may 1997
while investigating Geraldo's band, cried:

"murderer, murderer!"


Now for an addendum: the PIC has disclosed, unexpectedly, a whole racker
with connections across the whole of Brazil, busied with drug dealing,
truck robberies, sale of stolen cargos, and that the said racket is
certainly headed by MPs (federal and state), among them possibly the
brother of former president Collor's fund-raiser and grey emminence
during his short government,the late Paulo Cesar Farias. Farias's
brother is being suspected of having ordered his brother murdered his
brother alongside with his lover, and afterwards having, with the help
of a famous pathologist, faked an obit certificate that pointed as
_causa mortis_ the fact that the lover had shot him and then killed
herself. However, the discovery that the said lover was much shorter of
heighth than stated in the obit certificate, led to the discovery that
it would be impossible for her to shot herself in the actual angle of
the shots that hit her...

In other words: what we have here is, no more no less, a throughly
pathological form of bourgeois democracy. But wasn't that pathological
deviation already present beforehand,_dialetically_, in the actual
working of the said bourgeois demnocracy as a competition among interest
groups vieing with each other for support from the satte apparatus?

Carlos Rebello

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