Sam Pawlett rsp at SPAMuniserve.com
Fri Nov 5 22:10:50 MST 1999

Carlos Eduardo Rebello wrote:
> Sam; The most glaring omissions in your table of contents are, among the
> culprits, Foucault and his disciple Paul Veyne, the historian of
> Classical Antiquity (better to say that he is an historian of the
> Hellenistic and Roman age, perhaps).Now Veyne has this most pomo _obter
> dicta_ is his _Les grecs ont-ils cru a ses mythes?_[Have the Greeks
> believed in their myths?] wher he says that to believe in the Trojan War
> as a historical event is not so very different from believing in the
> existence of the quark...(or whatever; I quote from memory)

 I've heard of Veyne. Jon Elster discusses him a lot. I couldn't find
any of his books in English but I'll try again. Sounds very postmodern,
truth just goes out the window.

Sam P.

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