Australian referendum

Alan Bradley alanb at
Sat Nov 6 07:24:20 MST 1999

> From: Alan Bradley
> The vote in Victoria is fairly close, and "Yes" might win.  This isn't
> surprising, as Victoria  is the state with the most "European" and
> "modern" pretensions.

There is a certain parochialism in the above statement that I thought I
should correct.  I come from one of the most redneck parts of one of
Australia's more conservative states (Queensland), so I don't have a lot of
sympathy for the urban liberal petit bourgousie...

By "European", I mean that the Melbourne liberals are a "cosmopolitan",
"cultured" brand of philistine ape, compared to the "British" parochialism
that appears in other cities.  This means, in practice, that "Melbourne"
aspires to be Paris, (or Monte Carlo), while cities like Brisbane aspire to
be Los Angeles.  These aspirations are of course those of the petit
bourgeoisie and "local" sections of the bourgeoisie.

Alan Bradley
alanb at

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