Western New York: Walden-Galleria's racist policy kills black girl

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A little background on this story.  Walden-Galleria is a mall for rich people
situated in the suburbs of Buffalo.  It seems that the mall didn't want the
wrong (read black and poor) kind of people in here so they banned the metro
busses that came in from the inner city from going up on their property.

Cynthia Williams who is from these "undesirable" areas happened to work at
Walden-Galleria and took the bus to work.  Because her bus wasn't allowed on
mall property, she was forced to cross a 7 lane highway. On December 14th,
1995 she didn't make it across...

The family sued and now the jury is being selected....read on....



Jury selection begins in Wiggins civil trial


Attorneys in the $150 million civil lawsuit brought by the family of Cynthia
N. Wiggins against the NFTA and owners of the Walden Galleria began
interviewing prospective jurors Thursday in advance of the trial scheduled to
begin next week.
Wiggins, 17, was fatally injured Dec. 14, 1995, on Walden Avenue after
leaving the Route 6 bus. She was trying to cross the seven-lane highway to
reach her job in the Walden Galleria food court.

It was later found that the mall specifically had banned the Route 6 bus from
its property, a policy that led to accusations of racism by local elected
officials and community leaders. The shopping center quickly opened its
property to Metro routes.

A lawsuit on behalf of the survivors, including Wiggins' 4-year-old son,
Taquilo, was filed in December 1996. The trial is expected to last four to
five weeks and will be held in the eighth-floor courtroom of State Supreme
Court Justice Jerome C. Gorski in the City Court Building, 50 Delaware Ave.

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