Decatur, ILl.

James N. Stewart jnstewart at
Sun Nov 7 17:45:01 MST 1999

    Just got back from a quite respectably large demonstration in Decatur,
Illinois related to the actions of  a local school principal who expelled
two boys for two years for fighting at a football game.  Seems to me that if
the lads are fighting at the game they should be banned from the games,
unless they have a very good excuse.  Presumably the two year time is a
substitute for permanent expulsion on the theory that it is easier to do and
by the time the two years are up the kids are not going to cme back or will
be in jail or something.  It's not easy to get a kid permanenly expelled;
it's easier to get a temporary expulsion.

    What was surprising to me was the sight of snipers on the roof or
Eisenhauer High School in Decatur, Illinois.  There is some talk that there
were threats made against the marchers in general and Jessie Jackson in
particular, so perhaps there was valid reason, but I've never seen anything
quite like it.
"Don't put no constrictions of the people.  Leave 'em da hell alone."
Jimmy Durante

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