Brazilian gore - to George P.

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Mon Nov 1 14:18:33 MST 1999

As far as I can gather, George P's opposition to recognizing Colombian
rebels' revolutonary character rests on the fact that FARC's and ELN's
demands (land redistribution mainly) would be of a nature to allow these
to be solved within the framework of the bourgeois-democratic state.
Well, as Philip Ferguson, among others, has pointed, imperialist policy
in the 3rd World has been a lot concerned with substituting stable
liberal-bourgeois democracies for outright military dictatorships;
however, what precisely is the political modus _modus operandi_ of such
bourgeois-democratic states? In Brazil, undeniably such a stable
democracy has been existing since 1985; however...

Folha de São Paulo, november the 1st 1999:

Workers Party mayor in State of Mato Grosso do Sul murdered with six

The mayoress of Mundo Novo [New World-sic.], Dorcelina de Oliveira
Folador, 36, was killed at 11 PM last Saturday, with six shoots, one on
the left neckbone and other fuve to the left side of her back, in the
verandah of his house.

Dorcelina, a former landless worker and a member of the Movement of
Landless Workers [MST] had been denouncing what she used to call "a
Mafia" ruling the city, which, according to her, was envolved in drugs
trafficking, weapons smuggling and selling of children abroad for
adoption [a flourishing business in Brazil, where judges of juvenile
courtes gladly accept adoprtion by foreigners without further enquires
on the subsequent fate of the adopted- CR].

[...] The Federal Police is to investigate the whereabouts of a car with
Paraguayan licensing that stalked the city hall last Sat. The Paraguayan
Police has been asked to help.

Dorcelina was seated at the verandah of her house when shot, and died
instantly. The killer used an automatic pistol with 380mm. caliber.
[...] from about 3 meters.

[...] Dorcelina's husband [...]said that he ran to his wife when he
heard the shots from the house, but found her already dead"

And in what kind of business did Dorcelina poked her nose?

Same paper, same day:

"The Federal Poilice has tracked phone calls that point to connections
between organized criminal activities in [the NE state of ]Piaui and
[the Amazonian state of] Acre.

The Federal Police believes that phone calls made late in 1996 between
the capitain of the Militarized State Police of Piauí, João Baltazar
Rodrigues, and the former congressman [now arrested and in jail]
Hildebrando Pascoal(supposedly the chief of a criminal group in Acre)
had the goal of arranging the murder of José Higo Alves Jr., supposedly
the killer of the former congressman's brother[...] It is thought that
José Hugo had been arrested by policemen from Piauí and then surrendered
by them to persons connected with the former congressman[...] His body
was found in the municipality of Formosa do Rio Preto,in the state of
Bahia, near the border of Piauí, with telling signs of torture, the
body's face having beeen burned with acid"

 The paper then makes some additional comments on the matter:

"Coldness and cruelty in the killings of victims are the hallmark of the
criminal groups operating in Piauí, Acre and Marnhão[...] An appalling
case happened in 1996, when the driver Agilson Santos Firmino, suspected
of killing the then congressman Hildebrando Pascoal's brother, *had his
legs and arms cut with an electric chainsaw before being killed*"

All this is common knowledge in Brazil and fully and unrestrained
exposed by the papers; however, such rackets are alive and well, and
undoubtely with the support and envolvement of other MPs

A helluva of a liberal-democratic envinronment, don't you think?

Carlos Rebello

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