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Mon Nov 1 12:22:54 MST 1999

>George: No. I say the very opposite. The land question cannot be solved
within a bourgeois
>democratic context. It is precisely FARC's belief that it can be solved
within such a
>context that means that FARC is  not revolutionary in character. FARC
declare "no more
>large landowners" as if this is possible under capitalism.
>Warm regards
>George Pennefather

George, you continue to amaze me with these unreferenced assertions about
what the Farc believes or does not believe. When I wrote about this group,
I cited interviews with their leader; likewise with the ELN. You give the
impression of having never really read a single article or book about
Colombia in your entire life, except maybe what I posted here last month or
so. Where did you get such audacity to make unsupported claims?

Marx did not set this kind of example, nor did Lenin. Marx spent countless
hours in the London library researching British economic history in order
to prepare Capital. When Lenin wrote "Imperialism--the latest stage of
Capitalism", he read more than 100 books and articles, according to Neil
Harding. You really give me the impression of being a complete bull-shit
artist, who never reads anything. Not even the email which is posted on
this list. Were you in some kind of coma when I posted 60,000 bytes worth
of history on Colombia's revolution?

As far as what the FARC believes or does not believe, it is obvious that
their ideological traditions--while rooted in Stalinism--are not orthodox.
If they were, they'd not be fighting with such resoluteness. If you ever
find your way into a library, look for some books that deal with the
Castroist/CP split around the time of the OLAS conferences in the late
1960s. All of the CP's tended to work in the city, mostly as the left wing
of the trade union movement, and run for office. When there was a
dictatorship, they struggled for a return to normal bourgeois democracy.

The FARC's roots are in the populist movement led by Jorge Eliecer Gaitán,
who was denounced by the CP leadership. When the civil war broke out, a
wing of the CP retreated to the countryside and attempted to make a
revolution along the lines put forward by Gaitán. This probably explains
why the CP and the FARC are actually two separate groups, with the urban
based wing hewing to a more traditional approach.

The FARC was considered part of the "Cuban" trend, even though they never
went all the way as the ELN did in embracing the July 26 model. The FARC
refused to work with the ELN, which has been a real problem for the
Colombian revolution. That is why it is so utterly ignorant for you to keep
referring to the FARC/ELN. Now that I see that you also smear the Sinn Fein
by linking it to the IRA, as the Orangemen do, I believe that perhaps you
are not so ignorant after all. Maybe there is an element of right-wing
malice that is barely concealed by your ultraleftist bullshit. Do you still
believe, by the way, that Richard Pipes is a reliable guide to the Russian

Louis Proyect

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