What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #383, November 3, 1999

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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #383
                              November 3, 1999
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week:

INDONESIA: HOW MUCH WILL CHANGE? The appointment of a ``national unity''
cabinet by new president Abdurrahman Wahid indicates the compromises being
made behind the scenes. The military and Suharto-era figures retain
significant power, and agreement among the elite will come at the expense
of the Indonesian people.


 * Indonesia: how much will change?


 * Why the left should vote yes to the republic
 * ... and vote `no' to the preamble
 * The radical `yes' web site
 * How the PKI weakened itself facing the military


 * Human rights `under attack' in Aceh
 * Unanswered questions on East Timor's transition
 * Indonesian trade union seeks legal recognition
 * Timorese socialists' views on transition
 * Johannesburg workers march against privatisation
 * Yeltsin forever
 * Stay of execution for Mumia Abu-Jamal
 * Tropical diseases threaten New York
 * Mexican students' epic struggle in danger
 * Philippine left unites and claims the streets
 * Cuba: The sun can't be blockaded


 * Networker: Can the market plan?
 * Greenhouse blues in Bonn
 * NSW Greens still backing undemocratic election changes
 * Olympics: The rich people's games
 * Company tax: A deal between Liberal and Labor?
 * The Russian Revolution: the revolution capitalists still fear
 * IMF ponders whether we need more inflation


 * Black 47: not your usual diddly diddly dee
 * New attack on framed South African poet Mzwakhe Mbuli
 * Rage Against the Machine: `Take today what tomorrow never brings'
 * Queen Cheryl's Song
 * Karl Marx: the personal and the political
 * A timely look backwards


 * Can vegetarianism change the world?
 * The Russian Revolution and V.I. Lenin
 * UWS Students occupy to defend education
 * Tactics for fighting homophobia
 * Activists challenge homophobic justice system
 * Liberal bigotry
 * Women reclaiming the night


 * Another NTEU victory
 * Unionists `living underground'
 * Kumarangk demonstration planned
 * Pangea unwelcome in Perth
 * Metalcorp workers win
 * Public service anger over performance pay bonuses
 * NTEU strikes to `stop the rot'
 * Left activists discuss the green movement
 * Wollongong University elections
 * Reith prepares next wave of attacks on unions
 * Performance pay takes a tumble at ANTA
 * CPSU national officials resort to red-baiting
 * ACT cuts college funding
 * Queensland teachers plan strike


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