Stratfor plus sources on paleo-cons and the Frankfurt School

Paul Flewers paul.flewers at
Thu Nov 4 00:03:36 MST 1999

Dennis R Redmond wrote: < Why do you consider postmodernism and
deconstruction to be a sham? >

At the first class of an MA course I did a couple of years ago, the
tutor said 'We will be deconstructing the history of...' I said 'What do
you mean by "deconstructing" it?' He replied 'Analysing it.' I was too
polite to say 'Well why not use that word in the first place?'

I get suspicious of people who use flashy words and phrases, when there
are perfectly good ones which we can all understand. I'm sure a lot of
people in the humanities use convoluted phrases merely because long
words can make banal ideas look impressive.

Paul F

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