Brazilian gore - to George P.

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky nestor at
Mon Nov 1 09:51:52 MST 1999

El  1 Nov 99 a las 16:20, George Pennefather nos dice(n):

> George: [...] The land question
> cannot be solved within a bourgeois democratic context. It
> is precisely FARC's belief that it can be solved within
> such a context that means that FARC is  not revolutionary
> in character. FARC declare "no more large landowners" as
> if this is possible under capitalism.

Nestor: I'm afraid you do not know enough on Colombia, nor
on the FARC, nor on  the limits of capitalism.  You are
right, in general, that the declaration "no more
landowners" is at best wishful thinking if at the same time
you do not confront capitalism.  But what you fail to see,
dear George, is that in Latin America this declaration is
_in itself_ a rejection of capitalism, of the only
capitalism that we can have, that is this semicolonial
capitalism of ours. The lessons to be learnt from the
posting of Carlos on the revolutionary character of these
declarations has not struck to you as yet. But (and I am
not cynical nor ironical) people have only one think-tank
at hand, and this think-tank is the tank of everyday life.
Pointing at the landowners as the curse of the campesinos /
camponeses (yes, "peasants" is devoid of sense in English
as compared to our own words, something to do with the
completeness of the bourgeois revolutions in English
speaking coutries?) becomes a battle cry for socialism even
if socialism is not mentioned. Once you take the great
estates, you must go ahead. That simple. The FARC do not
ignore this, but you, George, seem to be in utter blank.

If you really want to understand the land issue in Latin
America you must plunge into a world much more complex than
your easy cathegories. The best you could do is to go to
Colombia and humbly ask the FARC to take you as a GI. If
you want something less risky (the FARC are _actually_
fighting) then you may at least read a good deal on the
agrarian history of Latin America. And that, just as a
beginning. I am offering you these possibilites as a gift,
because I do not consider yours a hopeless case.


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