FWD: Serb citizen tells it cold.!!

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMhotmail.com
Sun Nov 7 00:46:11 MST 1999

(Andrej Tisma writes this)
>Paul Lamot wrote:
> >
> > Again :
> >
> > NATO did save the western democracies. That is a fact.
>Yes, and therefor Europe became US satellite. We could see it clearly
>during the criminal act of bombing Yugoslavia, when nobody from EU could
>complain about NATO (read USA) actions. Where do you see that
>"democracy"? That "democracy" is autocracy and it is a shame for EU.
> > NATO countries in no way want to occupy Yugoslavia. They want the mess
> > the Balkans to end so that the people can live in peace and without
>We used to live in peace here in Yugoslavia before NATO began to "mess"
>in this region ten years ago. Before they had Tito who worked for them
>(same as for Russians) dividing Serbs (the largest nation in Balkans) in
>small parts - republics, provinces which got statuses of almost
>independent states, so that they could be controlled easier. But when he
>died and when we got (elected) Milosevic, a leader who said he will
>defend Serbs from Albanian, Croatian and Bosnian separatists, NATO
>changed its policy. And they are still working on separation of Serbs  -
>after cutting off Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia... from Yugoslavia, now
>they want to cut of Kosovo, Montenegro, Vojvodina, Sandzak, parts where
>Serbs are a significant population (in Kosovo before the WW2 Serbs made
>60% of population, but in late '90s, after "ethnic cleansing" of
>Albanians they made just 10%. Now after NATO "peackeepers" have come to
>Kosovo they make about only 1%).
>US/NATO is in Balkans to keep permanent war, not peace, in order to
>destabilize and weaken Europe, its slave partner, and get closer to
>Russia. That is clear to anyone who is not brainwashed by NATO
>propaganda (just remember recent lies about "mass graves" or
>"humanitarian catastrophe" in Kosovo).
>So I can repeat: NATO, leave us alone. We know how to live together here
>in Yugoslavia. Even now, in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, where I am living, 25
>nationalities and 9 confessions are living together in harmony. And no
>one complains about their positions. We can be an example to Europe. So
>leave us alone. We live in peace and without fear, unless NATO bombs are
>falling on our heads, on our bridges, oil refineries...
> > You want to be "left alone" as Serbians. To kill rape and pillage some
>more? Maybe to start some more ethnic cleansing?
>Excuse me, I didn't kill anyone in my life, or rape, nor I know anybody
>from my circle of friends who did that. I have a honest job and I don't
>steal. Your insults are result of your "free world" propaganda.
> > The wealth of the Soviet Union was ever more based on the theft of
> > from other countries.
>Yes it was, and Soviet Union was a world power, and now when those
>countries are out of its reach it suddenly became poor.
> >You keep looking at the
> > past and claim no changes happened. Colonies were given their
> > in the 1960's, slavery has been abolished for ages and gun boat
>diplomacy is
> > a thing of the past.
> >
>And did the colonialist countries ever think of giving back all the
>wealth that they have STOLEN? If they would bring it back, they would
>become very poor, and soon stop playing a world cop and tyran.

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