"Post-Modernism"- To Sam Pwlett.

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at SPAMantares.com.br
Sat Nov 6 03:29:02 MST 1999

Sam; The most glaring omissions in your table of contents are, among the
culprits, Foucault and his disciple Paul Veyne, the historian of
Classical Antiquity (better to say that he is an historian of the
Hellenistic and Roman age, perhaps).Now Veyne has this most pomo _obter
dicta_ is his _Les grecs ont-ils cru a ses mythes?_[Have the Greeks
believed in their myths?] wher he says that to believe in the Trojan War
as a historical event is not so very different from believing in the
existence of the quark...(or whatever; I quote from memory)

Carlos Rebello

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