"Postmodernism" - Paul Veyne.

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at SPAMantares.com.br
Sat Nov 6 12:35:36 MST 1999

To Sam Pawlett: Veyne was, with George Duby, an editor to the mamooth,
heavily illustrated _History of Private Life_ in some 5 or 6 volumes
that was published in French by Seuil sometimes between the late 1980s
and the early 1990s, and that was undoubtely published in English by
some USA East Coast U.Press (Harvard or Yale UP, perhaps? Belknap
Press?). Veyne wrote a contribution for the 1st. volume, "Private Life
in the Roman Empire", that can function almost as a reader to his
"research program". But I cannot believe that Veyne's _Comment on écrit
l'Histoire_ (with his rejoinder on Foucault, _Foucault révolutionne
l'Histoire_) has not been translated in English yet.

Carlos Rebello

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