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I'm thinking about maybe doing an article on
postmodernism/structuralism, mostly philosophy and politics. Who would
be the major thinkers/themes? Just so I don't leave anything important

precursors:        guilty parties:Lyotard              Critics:
                                  G.Madison             C.Norris
Nietszche                         Lacan                 A.Callinicos
Heidegger                         Rorty                 S.Haack
Hegel                             Foucault              M.Devitt
Kafka                             Deleuze&Guatteri      J.Petras
Husserl                           Laclau/Mouffe         A.Macintyre
Gadamer                           Levinas               Habermas
R.Musil                           Derrida               P.Dews
D.Davidson                        F.Jameson(?)          D.Stove
W.V. Quine                        Saussre               T.Frank
T.Kuhn                            J.Butler
P.Feyerabend                      D.McCloskey(?)
Frankfurt School                  R.Barthes
M.  de Sade
denial of objective truth
denial of objective reality
denial of objectivity
socio-historical determination of all knowledge/truth
theories of subjectivity&self
critiques of weberian/western rationality
critiques of Eurocentrism
cultural relativism(no cross-cultural truths)
conceptual relativity
critiques of 'meta-narratives', theories of total knowledge
interpretation all the way down
critique of scientism, economism,classicism; reductionism
focus on ethnicity, sexual orientation

Sam Pawlett

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