Hackers Alter Romanian Money Rate

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Fri Nov 5 14:15:17 MST 1999

Hackers Alter Romanian Money Rate


BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) -- Hackers broke into the Finance
Ministry's Web site, introducing bogus "taxes on stupidity" and
changing the exchange rate of Romania's national currency.

The government was working to upgrade security, but the Web site
remains down while efforts to fix the damage are under way, Adriana
Saftoiu, a government spokeswoman, said Wednesday.

"In future we will try to have better security systems," she said.

The hackers entered the site last week, changing it to say the
ministry had introduced taxes on stupidity levied in direct
proportion with the importance of the position held. Money gathered
from the new taxes would be used to bribe NATO officials to take
Romania into the military alliance, the hacked site said.

They also altered the exchange rate for the national currency to
make the lei worth twice as much as the U.S. dollar, a far cry from
the central bank's official rate.

In a note left for the site's system administrator, the hackers
said: "Your page was quite cool, but we had to make a name for
ourselves too." They also left an e-mail address where they could
be contacted for advice on how to fix the site.

So far, however, that address has not revealed their identity.

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