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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Nov 3 07:59:07 MST 1999

Okay, I rebuilt the search index, but only for the recently implemented
electronic archives. Considering the fact that this is just over 3 months
worth of information, I was pleased to discover that a search on "Brazil"
returned 95 links in less than 5 seconds. Since SWISH-E is supposedly a
very powerful search engine, I am hopeful that the problems of the past
couple of days will not be repeated, at least based on the current index

Since I am not sure whether it is necessary for the search index to include
my own articles--as they are well-organized by topic--, excluding them will
reduce the size of the index. I am also leaning in the direction of not
including the old "manual" archives that I used to put together, since they
too are fairly well organized by topic. Furthermore, since they were always
at least 2 months late, it is perhaps appropriate to couple the search
engine to the electronic archives exclusively.

I will be monitoring the performance closely. My hope is that a search on a
12 month electronic archive will produce results in less than 30 seconds. I
will probably schedule an index update on a daily basis and check the
performance frequently. If anybody else notices sluggish performance,
please contact me privately.

Louis Proyect

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